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Favorite Holiday Movie…and then Some

Blogging Challenge day two…ish.

Yes, I’m a day behind already. Though I think my reason is quite understandable and completely out of my control. Our dog Dukke disappeared yesterday so my husband and I were working in shifts to drive around looking for him.

Dukke was a pup I insisted on getting after losing our golden retriever, Mack, to cancer and going through a miscarriage the week before losing him. It was irrational but I told my husband I had to have a puppy. At this time, we had an older yellow lab and a great pyrenees puppy that was and still is strictly an outside dog. But I had to have a puppy. So we went to a rescue shelter and came back with a chocolate lab with comically large paws. He’s been a great addition to our family so losing him last night sent both my husband and I into a bit of a sleepless panic.
Luckily, we received a facebook message this morning from a neighbor who said he had heard something that sounded like a dog in pain out on the hunting land.

My husband ran out there with a neighbor and his kiddo and they found poor Dukke stuck in a foot trap. It was a trap without teeth so aside from being an anxious, scared mess with a sore paw, he was okay. He’s back home now, getting spoiled with table scraps and getting some much needed rest.

So with my mind no longer in a jam, I’m going to play catch up with my two days starting with my favorite holiday movie.

I would love to say I’m a romantic, conventional holiday movie enthusiast. But I’m not.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Meet Me in Saint Louis (which isn’t entirely Christmas but has enough Christmas for me to consider it a holiday movie) and when I finally got around to watching It’s a Wonderful Life, I fell entirely in love with it.

I’ll always appreciate the older movies that existed in a simpler time where women had to have chaperones to go anywhere and scandal existed in a waltz.

But my favorite holiday movie, by far, is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Image result for Christmas Vacation

It’s the kind of movie that’s permeated my holidays for years. From Aunt Bethany asking if Clark’s house is on fire to Eddie telling Clark he’s going to get him something “real nice.”

It’s the kind of movie that you can quote in any social situation and find a connection with someone over it. Both of my brother-in-law’s quote it and although they’re close to begin with, you can see how just one mention of the movie forms an instantaneous bond.

Almost every year my dad asks us to get him something “real nice.”

And it’s just one of those simple comforts that you can sit and watch every year and enjoy it without feeling like you’ve seen it a million times. Or have it playing in the background while decorating a Christmas Tree. Pre-kids, mind you. No child needs to be subjected to Clark’s ranting over having the hap-hap-happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap danced with Danny *bleeping* Kaye.

If today is quiet enough and lacking in any emotional drama, I think popcorn will have to be made and relaxation will be found while sipping a whiskey diet, eating said popcorn and watching a little Christmas Vacation in the glow of the Christmas Lights.

I’ll return later tonight with a more thought-out post on the color “red.”

Stay tuned!

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