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Hello there 2018…Peace Out Staycay.

So, I don’t think I’m cut out for this vacationing thing. Last year, my husband and I planned a romantic getaway to Duluth for a four day, just us and fishing on lake Superior. We ended up having to cancel because finances got too thin and inability to take time off of work for both… Continue reading Hello there 2018…Peace Out Staycay.

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The Weather Today

I feel like this could be a one sentence post. It’s cold. To is freakin’ cold. It’s so cold that I didn’t bother asking my husband how his day was because I knew what the answer would be. Cold. And tomorrow morning...even colder. This time of year is always far more gorgeous when enjoyed… Continue reading The Weather Today

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Favorite Holiday Movie…and then Some

Blogging Challenge day two...ish. Yes, I’m a day behind already. Though I think my reason is quite understandable and completely out of my control. Our dog Dukke disappeared yesterday so my husband and I were working in shifts to drive around looking for him. Dukke was a pup I insisted on getting after losing our… Continue reading Favorite Holiday Movie…and then Some