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This writing prompt is certainly fitting for today.

Late Sunday morning, my phone started blowing up with alerts that we were in for a winter storm at the least, a blizzard at the most. Usually, my days off fall on Fridays but I have an amazing boss that allowed me to switch it from Friday to Monday. Which worked out great because an hour after dropping the girls off at school, the school called to let everyone know they were closing at 10:45am.

I was, to circle back to the prompt, joyous.

If there’s one thing that makes me more anxious than anything, it’s driving in horrible conditions and horrible conditions don’t get much worse than black ice and blizzard conditions. So with the girls home and my husband walking through the door not long after, we all hunkered down for the day with intentions of going nowhere.

Add in some hot cocoa and some Home Alone and there really isn’t much of a choice to be anything but joyous.  

However, after indulging in a bit of a nap, I awoke to an anxious thought.

My mama, out there in the blustery elements, uncomfortably pregnant and sharing a space with 10 other goats all trying to stay warm.

Determined and knowing I had little time before the sun set, I braved the disgustingness of tiny icicles pelting against my face to create a pen in the shed for her complete with clean straw and a heat lamp.

Her previous kids complained quite a bit when I separated her so for the time being, they get to hang out with mom while we wait for her to have her babies. After getting a bucket of water, Sammy asked if she could join me in finishing up chores, so we both went out to the shed where Carmel and her kids were. Of course, Sammy had no idea what I was up to when I was outside for an hour, so seeing the three goats inside was surprise for her. She hopped in the pen immediately and I leaned over the fence, chatting with her about nothing in particular while we watched the goats.

I gain a great sense of satisfaction and joy from seeing my livestock happy. I’m not sure what it is, but for some reason, it makes me so much more content when my animals are spoiled, safe and comfortable.

Leaning over gates, watching the goats munch at hay or watching the chickens scratch around in a new bed of straw, seeing the way my kids easily interact effortlessly with the animals that we have…it’s always something that offers me such a great sense of joy.

Maybe I’m super sappy, but I’ll take it. It’s always good to have small things in life to find joy in, simple things to keep your grounded. Coincidentally, Joy happens to be my middle name. So maybe my sappiness, my ability to find joy in these small things when I need to find it, when I’m searching for it in the darkness, was just something I was born with. 

Goodnight readers. I hope you find joy in small, simple things this holiday season.

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