Hello! If you’ve come across this page, I just want to say thank you for investing your time in me! I know committing time to certain endeavors – grocery shopping, working out, web searches, etc. – is difficult. We’re covetous of our time. Especially if we’re parents. There’s that thing called “me time” that we just don’t get much of. And its a worth-while sacrifice.

This web page is about my constant search for time to chase a passion I’ve had since I was young. Writing.

With two children, a full time job, money that constantly runs out too fast, animals to care for and family that I need to be around to maintain sanity – time isn’t something I have a lot of.

And this blog wont entirely revolve around the idea of writing. There’s too much that a person can blog about. For me, a million topics come to mine. Granted, not each of them will hold readers enthralled and make them feel like they need to take a personal investment in my blog. Some blogs will appeal to writers, some will appeal to farmstead-ers, some will appeal to moms, some will appeal to people who love chickens or goats…

See? It’s a long list. So I’ll blog about life. About chasing a dream and about everything in between with the hopes that everyone who stumbles upon this will enjoy what they read and take the precious time they have to make a personal investment in me.


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