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Favorite Holiday Movie…and then Some

Blogging Challenge day two...ish. Yes, I’m a day behind already. Though I think my reason is quite understandable and completely out of my control. Our dog Dukke disappeared yesterday so my husband and I were working in shifts to drive around looking for him. Dukke was a pup I insisted on getting after losing our… Continue reading Favorite Holiday Movie…and then Some

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Fall with Me

Well, it’s a Monday morning, the coffee is plentiful and the weather is gorgeous. My mood needs to catch up on it a bit, though. Even the idea of Pumpkin EVERYTHING isn’t really helping at this point. We just got home from the dentist where Mady stubbornly refused to open her mouth and after four… Continue reading Fall with Me

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The Art of Optimism

A friend of mine told me the other day that she loves reading my blogs. She said some of them are very sad but I’m always optimistic. My response was that it was all in the words. Because honestly, an hour before she posted that to my wall, I was hunched over at the kitchen… Continue reading The Art of Optimism


A Bit of a Necessary Pity Party…because I want to sleep but can’t.

It’s 12:17am on a Tuesday morning. I should be in bed. I should be snoozing away peacefully in preparation for the day ahead of me, ready to work, ready to hit the grindstone and earn that money that my family is always scraping by on.Instead, I’m too paranoid to sleep…because the propane is out. Again.… Continue reading A Bit of a Necessary Pity Party…because I want to sleep but can’t.