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Out with the Old, In with the Remakes: Thoughts on the Many Faces of the Ninja Turtles

I opened up a new FaceBook page to make my blogging have a bit more of a professional edge to it. Might as well, right? Especially if I’m going to make a serious effort to maintain and update my blog. In doing so, I asked a question – what would people like to see me blog about.

One person suggested I sound off on the remake of the Ninja Turtles and as an impartial party to such a remake, I figured it was a good a challenge as any.

So here goes….

Remakes. They’re inevitable. And whether or not fans feel that it was unnecessary to dig up the old, brush it off and give it a facelift, it’s going to happen. I remember thinking the Texas Chainsaw Massacre didn’t really need to be redone and amped up with nudity, cursing and excessive gore. The 80’s version was a classic and shouldn’t have been tampered with. But then again, I’ve always felt there is a certain depth to 80’s horror that simply cannot be touched, even with attempts to remake the films. That, of course, does not mean it isn’t going to happen.

And even if it’s not necessary, it’s not a bad thing either. There’s nothing wrong with keeping the thrill of a good film, a good plot, or a good character or characters alive.

There was a lot of displeasure when Michael Bay took on the task of remaking an iconic childhood classic – Ninja Turtles. At first, it was the script. There were leaks of it centering on the Turtle’s as aliens from another planet. Oh, the crowds went wild with that one. There was a lot of “he’d better not dare” and “I refuse to watch this if that’s what he’s going to do” being thrown around.

And, to be quite honest, I was skeptical at best when these rumors started circulating. Not ready to write off Bay completely, but skeptical for sure.

Then came the first movie trailer. I imagine die-hard fans clawing at their computer screens, taking to social media to vehemently declare their displeasure with what Bay had done to their hero’s while coercing others to join them, share their rage and make Bay regret ever thinking about tweaking the franchise.

Again, to be quite honest. I laughed…for a little while at least. I could see the slight resemblance Donatello had to Jar Jar Binx and thought to myself when Leonardo made his grand appearance for April, “Yes, those trained in the classic art of Ninjitsu always land on buildings and bust them right up.” I mean, come on….that was a little hard to take. They’re ninjas. Ninjas are stealthy. Then again, maybe Leonardo was just trying to make a big show out of being bigger and attempting to terrify poor Miss O’Neil.

Then Raph showed up and I knew I would be there, raving fangirl that I am.

But for me….they’re still here. And that, as a fan, is something that I love. The Ninja Turtles didn’t die off with comics or when the 80’s cartoon stopped airing. The movies (omitting the horror that was the 3rd movie, the Coming out of Their Shells tour and the Next Mutation because….well, no. Just no. Those were actually worse than anything Bay’s script writers could ever come up with), the Fox remake, the Nick remake and Bay’s take on the four reptilian mutants has kept the franchise alive for more than just the fans of the comic.

I can’t argue with that.

It’s not something that often times happens with shows that we loved when we were kids. No one is chomping at the bit to bring the Biker Mice back for another round even though the storyline there is pretty in depth and intriguing. Although there’s talk of a Beetlejuice remake, who knows if that will actually happen. Those are just to name a few that I would be interested in seeing brought back and restored to a more modern timeframe.

The one good thing with Bay is that you’re guaranteed more than just one movie. Which means there will be more.

Nothing will ever be as good as the original. It’s the originals that bring us back, that have us starting conversations with, “Do you remember that episode with the aliens in the pizza?”

My very first memory of the Ninja Turtles is sitting down with a comic that had Mondo Geko and Raph paired up. It was gritty, there was cussing and with me not even being a teenager yet, I was impressed and hooked.

To this day I’m hooked. It doesn’t matter who takes it, twists it and brings it back to life, I’m grateful that the Turtles live on.

As long as no one makes them female, pairs the brothers up with one another or gets them pregnant. That’s what fanfiction is for.

Ninja Turtles blog post

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