Ramblings with a Point

There are few things (non-child related) that I enjoy more than a quiet house, a cup of coffee and an overall sense of motivation. It’s post holidays, the girls are at school and Sadie, our new-ish long haired gray kitten is keeping me company while heat blasts against my feet and legs from the box… Continue reading Ramblings with a Point

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Hello there 2018…Peace Out Staycay.

So, I don’t think I’m cut out for this vacationing thing. Last year, my husband and I planned a romantic getaway to Duluth for a four day, just us and fishing on lake Superior. We ended up having to cancel because finances got too thin and inability to take time off of work for both… Continue reading Hello there 2018…Peace Out Staycay.

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Spring has Sprung

Holy ick, I haven't written in forever. FOREVER. I've had plenty to write about. There's no lack of excitement in my life unless you're not a mom and not running a small farmstead and understand what it means to close down a bar, go to an after party, cliff dive, sky dive...anything with the word… Continue reading Spring has Sprung

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The Many Stages of Awake: As Told by a Mom of Two

  This blog post is brought to you today by the considerate wakeup call of my three year old bright and early this morning. “Mommy,” she said while poking me lightly in the nose, “are you still tired?” The answer? Yes, I’m tired. I’m always tired. Because when you’re a mom, you’re always tired. Always...tired.… Continue reading The Many Stages of Awake: As Told by a Mom of Two


Writing vs. a Bad Relationship

I know it’s been forever since I’ve blogged and here’s my “truly sorry” for that. This Writing Mom’s got herself a job!!! TOOK FOREVER. 103 resumes later and I’ve landed myself somewhere I really love being. The downside...there went all my writing time. By the time I get home after having woke up before the… Continue reading Writing vs. a Bad Relationship

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I Can’t Internet Through Sparkles

So, I’ve been MIA, and for that I apologize. I’ve been working for a client (we’ll call her K) writing a series of books and it’s been time consuming but very rewarding. I’ve been blessed to land K and I don’t think I could ask for any better. I’ve worked as a freelance writer before… Continue reading I Can’t Internet Through Sparkles


The Zone

When my friend Catey writes, it's in the dark. She has her music going, the lights are out, and one solitary candle sits beside her laptop. It’s her zone. And all writers have them. If you don’t...think about it for a minute. I’m willing to bet you’ll realize where your zone is if you give… Continue reading The Zone


A Taste of the Dream

Once on unemployment, I started doing the required job searches, clicking through online classifieds, committing all past work experience to memory so I could easily fill in every application blank on company websites. It was like that for a while - click, apply, submit, move on. Then I took a chance on something I really… Continue reading A Taste of the Dream

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Vices….You Know I Love ‘Em…

Beetlejuice is one of my vices. Hence the title for anyone in the know on the cartoon and the several sayings the fun-loving poltergeist has. But that vice pales in comparison to the few that I face on a daily basis. There’s nothing harmful about indulging in childhood nostalgia through your favorite cartoons. The other… Continue reading Vices….You Know I Love ‘Em…

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The Art of Optimism

A friend of mine told me the other day that she loves reading my blogs. She said some of them are very sad but I’m always optimistic. My response was that it was all in the words. Because honestly, an hour before she posted that to my wall, I was hunched over at the kitchen… Continue reading The Art of Optimism