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The Many Stages of Awake: As Told by a Mom of Two

  This blog post is brought to you today by the considerate wakeup call of my three year old bright and early this morning. “Mommy,” she said while poking me lightly in the nose, “are you still tired?” The answer? Yes, I’m tired. I’m always tired. Because when you’re a mom, you’re always tired. Always...tired.… Continue reading The Many Stages of Awake: As Told by a Mom of Two

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Mommy Heaven

There is a Mom Heaven. It exists. I have found it. Okay, maybe not everyone’s “Mom Heaven” but certainly mine. And Heaven is the only way I can explain it. It happened last Friday. The Hubs was home and I had an errand to run in the city. Boy, if that doesn't make me sound… Continue reading Mommy Heaven

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Give Moms a Break People…Seriously

Usually, what prompts most of my blog posts are topics I’ve seen online in news feeds that I have felt the brunt of or have a strong opinion on. There are other things I would love to blog about, I promise. I’ve got two ideas in the works that have absolutely nothing to do with… Continue reading Give Moms a Break People…Seriously