Five Tips to Staying Motivated with your Writing

I'm starting this blog post out feeling very...very...unmotivated. Go figure, right? Today was the first day back to school for my kiddos and the first day back to school/work for me as a para in a middle school. To sum up how this first day went...the coffee pot is full of fresh coffee at 7pm… Continue reading Five Tips to Staying Motivated with your Writing

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You Better Work

Some days, I wish I could be as logical as my children. It's either this way, or it's this way. There's no excuse to not be doing what you want to do in their wide-eyed, innocent view of the world they know very little about. Today was certainly one of those days. I stood in… Continue reading You Better Work


Starting Over…Again.

There are so many sayings to help people ease into rough transitions. I’m sure there’s even a Pinterest page geared towards helping ease the anxieties and stress of an unexpected transition in your life. Oh, look at that...there sure is! If you type in “life unexpected turns” you get a plethora of quotes regarding true… Continue reading Starting Over…Again.