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Time to Get Terrified

I follow several people who all have something in common that makes me envy them - they face the things they're scared to do and they do them. They take those dreams they have and they leap. I've been sitting on my dreams for years - my dream to be a writer, a published writer,… Continue reading Time to Get Terrified


Five Tips to Staying Motivated with your Writing

I'm starting this blog post out feeling very...very...unmotivated. Go figure, right? Today was the first day back to school for my kiddos and the first day back to school/work for me as a para in a middle school. To sum up how this first day went...the coffee pot is full of fresh coffee at 7pm… Continue reading Five Tips to Staying Motivated with your Writing


A Taste of the Dream

Once on unemployment, I started doing the required job searches, clicking through online classifieds, committing all past work experience to memory so I could easily fill in every application blank on company websites. It was like that for a while - click, apply, submit, move on. Then I took a chance on something I really… Continue reading A Taste of the Dream