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Expiration Dates

I was doing so good. So good! The month of January had me on point, on schedule and feeling good about getting things done. And then February. Ugh...February. Storms, snow days, bad news, lambing, lack of motivation...throw it all on a plate and make a daily meal out of it. That was February. I would… Continue reading Expiration Dates

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Acting Normal in Abnormal Sitautions

Part of my role as the Program Coordinator of Abound Counseling at Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota, and a part I’m learning more about as I go, is to coordinate video conferencing events. We’ve started a series called the Brown Bag Lunch series where the Fargo based group of amazingly talented clinicians I am… Continue reading Acting Normal in Abnormal Sitautions


Suicide Stigma

I’m going to start off this mornings blog post on a pretty light note because I’ve got a client, I’ve got a new coffee cup, a plate of cookies and the weather definitely feels like fall. For September, it’s exactly what I would expect and being out in the country, where the wide spaced trees… Continue reading Suicide Stigma