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It Started so Simple

It started so simple - four baby goats, a little bit of land, a couple bottles. One year later, there is no simplicity. None. Not even a trace of what simplicity there used to be. I’ve been MIA again...for several reasons. A major one being...the mess that is politics. It hasn’t calmed. Not even a… Continue reading It Started so Simple

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Unplanned Blogging Hiatus

Hello fair readers!! Sorry I’ve been MIA. I have neglected this blog due to an unforeseen addiction that has, for the time being, been stalled out. This addiction I’m referring to is...The Walking Dead. For years I have been a bit on the squeamish side when it comes to this show. I like my zombies… Continue reading Unplanned Blogging Hiatus

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Being a Farm Girl is Hard Work

Nearly every morning, after my first cup of coffee is poured, I take it out to the garden and sit on the swinging bench that overlooks the weedy stretch of space we’ve attempted to make our garden this year. And every morning I feel an immense pride for what we are accomplishing. I sit in… Continue reading Being a Farm Girl is Hard Work