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If By Cleaning…You Mean Total Destruction

It started with a shelf. That’s usually how it always starts. It’s one item, in one room, that I want to rearrange so that, when I look at it, it offers some glimpse of serenity in the chaotic mess. Like every half-hatched plan I work up in my usually goes far beyond a simple… Continue reading If By Cleaning…You Mean Total Destruction

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County Fair Detox

These county fair things are no joke, you guys. No joke at all. This year was another 4H year and though it didn't go as planned, it was still enough of a success to provide proud moments for my little 4H'ers. We entered two chickens this year for the fair which was done at break-neck,… Continue reading County Fair Detox


Sharing is Caring

I recently read a blog post written by a woman who is adamant that she will not make her children share. Now, I’m going to try to stay as far off my soap-box as possible but the ludicrous nature of this blog just...stuns me. I read it and thought “........what is this?!?!” So when my friend tagged… Continue reading Sharing is Caring