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Okay followers, like I said in my previous post, I’m going to work harder at being more consistent with my posts. Of course, they probably won’t have much direction...a reflection of my scattered brain. Seems fitting, right? Last week was a quiet one but we were making some adjustments on our modest farmstead. My parents,… Continue reading Bucolic

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County Fair Detox

These county fair things are no joke, you guys. No joke at all. This year was another 4H year and though it didn't go as planned, it was still enough of a success to provide proud moments for my little 4H'ers. We entered two chickens this year for the fair which was done at break-neck,… Continue reading County Fair Detox

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Busy on a Budget

Oh, well hi there, readers!! You guys, I’ve been dormant and still collecting followers left and right. It’s crazy!! So many followers!! And all from...outlook accounts...well...there goes my excitement. Turns out that there’s a trend where outlook “users” start following blog en-mass. I googled it because after about 15 in a week, something seemed off.… Continue reading Busy on a Budget