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Authentically not Vulnerable in 2020

I was prepared to sit down and let loose a bleeding heart diatribe that has be very honest...familiar. Painfully familiar. Not from me, necessarily. Granted, I’ve had my moments where I’ve been brutally honest about the problems I’ve faced but overall, I don’t spend a whole lot of time being “vulnerable.”  And then I… Continue reading Authentically not Vulnerable in 2020

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Be Human

So, there's a lot of hate mongering going on all over social media right now. Mostly Facebook. Valley News Live has become nothing more than a tabloid, stirring the pot with half facts and disgraceful reporting. That's my own personal jab at them because I just think they're jerks.  But all of this, as a… Continue reading Be Human

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Mama Bear Problems

I was writing up a blog post for Sunday...all about not feeling “lazy mom” guilt for keeping my kids inside where the AC was blasting after a very busy weekend. I knew a storm was rolling in but had checked my weather app and hadn’t seen any warnings or watches. So I went about my… Continue reading Mama Bear Problems

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My Beef with 50 Shades

Because I have one…a big one. Many, actually. And I know I don’t have a right really to have these opinions or even voice such thoughts on something like 50 Shades…because I haven’t read it and have absolutely NO intention of seeing the movie. None…what-so-ever. You couldn’t pay me to read the book, or watch… Continue reading My Beef with 50 Shades