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If By Cleaning…You Mean Total Destruction

It started with a shelf. That’s usually how it always starts. It’s one item, in one room, that I want to rearrange so that, when I look at it, it offers some glimpse of serenity in the chaotic mess. Like every half-hatched plan I work up in my usually goes far beyond a simple… Continue reading If By Cleaning…You Mean Total Destruction

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Busy on a Budget

Oh, well hi there, readers!! You guys, I’ve been dormant and still collecting followers left and right. It’s crazy!! So many followers!! And all from...outlook accounts...well...there goes my excitement. Turns out that there’s a trend where outlook “users” start following blog en-mass. I googled it because after about 15 in a week, something seemed off.… Continue reading Busy on a Budget


Exhaustion and a Whiskey Diet

Well's been a tiring couple of weeks. And I've tried, I've given it my all all to find the silver linings, to try to move past this deep, bitter feeling of possible misplaced betrayal, to feel inspired and hopeful. Today was one of those days where I managed, but just barely. At this moment,… Continue reading Exhaustion and a Whiskey Diet

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Hello there 2018…Peace Out Staycay.

So, I don’t think I’m cut out for this vacationing thing. Last year, my husband and I planned a romantic getaway to Duluth for a four day, just us and fishing on lake Superior. We ended up having to cancel because finances got too thin and inability to take time off of work for both… Continue reading Hello there 2018…Peace Out Staycay.

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Favorite Holiday Movie…and then Some

Blogging Challenge day two...ish. Yes, I’m a day behind already. Though I think my reason is quite understandable and completely out of my control. Our dog Dukke disappeared yesterday so my husband and I were working in shifts to drive around looking for him. Dukke was a pup I insisted on getting after losing our… Continue reading Favorite Holiday Movie…and then Some

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My View Today

Hello followers! What few I have. 😉 So to get back on track with blogging and to usher in a new type of lifestyle (hopefully), I’ve taken on the idea of taking a daily challenge through the month of December, complete with writing prompts. I know I’ve been pretty quiet. With the political climate being… Continue reading My View Today