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Expiration Dates

I was doing so good. So good! The month of January had me on point, on schedule and feeling good about getting things done. And then February. Ugh...February. Storms, snow days, bad news, lambing, lack of motivation...throw it all on a plate and make a daily meal out of it. That was February. I would… Continue reading Expiration Dates

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You’re Still Mine

This morning started out pretty mundane. I got up early, started a pot of coffee. After dousing my awesome coffee-filled Great Pumpkin coffee cup with a liberal splash of creamer, I sat down and watched the newest episode of Modern Family before anyone else was up and the girls newest favorite, Dino Dan, took over… Continue reading You’re Still Mine

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The Art of Optimism

A friend of mine told me the other day that she loves reading my blogs. She said some of them are very sad but I’m always optimistic. My response was that it was all in the words. Because honestly, an hour before she posted that to my wall, I was hunched over at the kitchen… Continue reading The Art of Optimism