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Garden Therapy

Gardening is something I haven’t done in for-ev-er. Goats make it impossible. A little public service announcement….goats will get out and they will destroy everything and the garden goes first.

So with the goats always besting every attempt I make at keeping them in (though this year we’ve been pretty successful…famous last words) I decided to forego gardening which was really sad. I love digging in dirt, planting things, seeing them grow and feeling a sense of accomplishment when they do. And I loooooove the vibrant bursts of color flowers provide.

After my massive panic attack on Friday, I was really aching to have a project to keep my mind off my stress. Preferably a project that would help lessen that stress. Gardening has always done that for me. Probably because my dad has always had a garden going wherever we live so it’s just something I’ve grown up knowing.

I couldn’t think of a single way to just have a garden on our property or at least I hadn’t thought outside the box enough to realize I had the perfect spot right beside my house. We have a dog kennel that we haven’t ever used because our dogs stay on the property…for the most part. Odin patrols the area, the neighbors area, the neighbor’s neighbors area. He makes the rounds. The kennel is a run with high chain-link fence and wasn’t the most aesthetically pleasing thing to look at until I spent a few hours in it getting it cleaned up.

It’s not much but it’s what we have and I’m a big fan of making things work. I moved what used to be a sandbox frame over, moved a table in and hefted one of the old tire planters into the space. With that done, me and little miss ran into Thompon’s Greenery which is our local and much loved greenhouse. We picked up a bunch of plants, some seeds, gloves and planters, then headed back home to spend the rest of our day working hard. Before we knew it, it was 5:30pm. A day well spent.

Little miss was a great help too. From the minute I mentioned the idea, she was enthusiastically on board. She wanted to do everything with me. In her sweet little words, she told me how this will be her chance to learn how to garden from me since she wasn’t able to learn how to garden from grandpa as much as big miss was. My oldest and my dad were garden buddies and there weren’t many summers spent where big miss wasn’t right beside my dad helping him with seedlings, planting and sampling watermelon my dad would crack open over his knee.

Our little garden is still a work in progress but the girls love it, my bench project is sitting there ready to be refurbished so that I’ll have a place to sit and enjoy my plants with some coffee, the cats are all about hanging out with us in there and most important…it’s a great coping tool for dealing with my anxiety.

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