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3 a.m. Panic Attacks are Awesome!

That title…is sarcastic as hell.

There is nothing about a 3 a.m. panic attack that’s fun. Especially when it’s a mother of a panic attack. My amazing husband, to his credit, remained calm even in the midst of me seriously starting to freak out. I’ve read plenty of articles saying that when people are going through a panic attack, they feel like they’re going to die. That’s not a joke. It’s terrifyingly true. And I thought that for one fleeting moment last night.

I’m not sure what woke me up at 3 a.m. I just know that I was awake and didn’t want to be and I had to use the bathroom. So I did that, went to lay back down and numbness worked it’s way up my hands and arms. My pulse went from regular to triple that. I know that when you’re pulse trips up that frantically, it’s not a good thing. Thankfully, the hubs was still wide awake in the living room watching The Mandalorian. I’m not really sure I would have been able to handle having a panic attack of that magnitude without someone awake keeping me grounded. It was a lot worse than just an elevated pulse and some numbness but I’m not going to get into the hysterical details of it. Just know that it sucked the ultimate suck.

Take aways from this…call my doctor on Monday and maybe up the dose on my prescription. And caffeine needs to stop at 3 p.m. Two cups of fully caffeinated coffee doused with Rumchada creamer at 10 p.m. was a terrible idea. A tasty idea…but for sure a terrible one.

If you suffer from panic attacks, coffee is never the best idea. No matter how good it tastes. I have to find some comfortable stopping point with my coffee. Too little and I get headaches. Too much and clearly panic attacks become an issue.

We still haven’t heard back from the staff member that was getting tested for Covid-19 so I’m assuming that uncertainty had a lot to do with the attack.

That all being said….blah.

I hope you’re all doing well and if you have issues like mine, that you’re getting help for those issues. Don’t think you can just handle panic attacks without some kind of therapy or medication to help you manage them if it’s something you deal with a lot. Prolonged issues with panic attacks can lead to more issues as you get older and more panic attacks. No thanks!

Also, if you are dealing with anxiety or panic disorder and you’re the kind of person who turns to the internet for research when you’re trying to figure out what’s going on, stick to credible sources – Mayo Clinic, the CDC website, the World Health Organization. Not so much WebMD unless you want to think there are underlying issues of severe proportions that are waltzing hand in hand with your anxiety. I tend to see results in WebMD that make fear and anxiety worse so I don’t really feel it’s the best source for information.

And take proactive measures to combat your panic attacks. Today, I’m pretty run down and feeling just ick but I’m going to try to get some housework done, get some yard work done, and most importantly, get some writing done.

Love to all my readers. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay positive.

1 thought on “3 a.m. Panic Attacks are Awesome!”

  1. Baby – no more coffee in the evening. I don’t even do that. Glad Dustin was there for you – take care and get a nap in today!

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