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Too Much to Do

The seasons are changing here…quickly. We had a moment where we could breathe in that crisp fall air with the sun still warming everything while the colors of summer slipped into the gorgeous, bold hues of fall.

And then it snowed. With the snow came the wind which effectively took care of any leaves clinging to tree branches. And as quickly as all of that happen, I thought, “Oh crap…I have too much to do…”

A barn to clean out, bales to move closer so I don’t have walk as much hay as I can jam onto a pitchfork over to the feeders, straw to find, buy and put down for the livestock over the winter, hoses to roll up and drag inside so they don’t freeze. And daily chores. Gaaah, daily chores. During the summer months, the animals are so self-sufficient. There is no forking of hay, breaking ice from the water tanks, grain in the morning and sometimes at night when it’s brutally cold, no barn floors to muck out and refresh. It’s a lot.

Looking around at how bleak it gets, it can be easy to slip into that bleak mindset as well. I suppose the chores are a blessing. Always having something to keep me busy doesn’t leave much time to sit around and let the lack of natural light get to me. And it’s a hard shift, I’m not going to lie. The abruptness of it doesn’t leave much downtime to wrap my head around everything that’s gone from a nice leisurely pace to a freight rain clipping at a steady pace downhill.

Fall sets in, Halloween hits, followed immediately by hunting seasons (pheasant and deer), followed up with Thanksgiving, then Christmas. The end of the year is just one big mess of things to be busy with.

I’m trying not to loose track of my writing in this craziness. With chores taking up nearly an hour of time after getting home from work and then school routines filling the space before bed, it’s easy to talk myself out of trying to do any writing at the end of the day, which is a shame because I’ve been feeling that creative burn consistently and loving it.

I’m really dead set on finishing at least one book before the year is over. Just one. Even if it’s just the rough draft. I hit the halfway mark on one of them or what NanoWritMo would consider the halfway mark, I guess. Which is HUGE! Now would be a horrible time to loose momentum on that.

This was a super random post but I’d like to leave it with this point…make time for your craft, guys. It’s who you are. It’s a giant, meaningful part of who you are and even if it’s a sketch, half a poem, a line or two in a book…make time for it. Make time for you to do what you need to do so you can keep being who you were meant to be.

Sweet dreams, readers and I hope to be back with you soon.

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