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Time to Get Terrified

I follow several people who all have something in common that makes me envy them – they face the things they’re scared to do and they do them. They take those dreams they have and they leap.

I’ve been sitting on my dreams for years – my dream to be a writer, a published writer, with my work out there for people to enjoy. It’s been the only dream that hasn’t really shifted course since I was a teenager. And, consequently, the dream I’ve been encouraged to follow the most. It’s not that I don’t listen to my friends and family when they tell me I need to be writing my novel. In the past two months I’ve felt so motivated that I’ve achieved a goal I never thought I would – I hit 25,000 words on the novel I’m currently working on. It’s daunting and exciting…but it’s mine. At this point in time, only a limited few have access to it for editing purposes.

But then, fate kind of stepped in. Or I like to think it was fate. The way things kind of fell into place has a fate-like vibe to it.

I currently work at a detention center as a paraprofessional. A quick aside, I totally support the idea that juvenile’s locked up for crimes or treatment should be offered an education. You’d be surprised by just how much they know and how engaged they are in a classroom setting.

So, that being said, I was at work one morning, hanging out with my favorite group of kiddos and I made a comment that if the zombie apocalypse happened, I would totally team up with them to take on the end of the world. It was said in a joking matter because, lets be serious, no one’s rising up from graves to eat our brains. If you are of that school of thought, no judgement here. I just personally don’t think that’s the way it’s all going to go down.

The idea of an army of outlaws to take on the dead wouldn’t leave me alone for the rest of the day. Like all plot bunnies I have, it took hold and spun itself into different scenarios – “You could do this! Or this! Or, holy crap, have this character do this!”

Plot bunnies are like hurricanes in my head. They spin and spin and spin, sometimes growing out of control. And, full disclosure, it’s a fun ride. Plot bunnies make me eager to do what I love on so many levels.

I sat down and started piecing together an idea. Thus, Army of Outlaws was born! The main character is VERY loosely based on myself. We have the same job in the same situation…and that’s where the similarities end. The other characters are completely fictional. I’m very thankful I’ve worked around a WIDE variety of teens so I have a pretty good handle on how they function. Unintentional research – I love it!

Instead of holding this plot hostage until it’s final, I’m going a different, terrifying route with it. I’m crowdfunding Army of Outlaws on Patreon. Tier one patreons will have full access to the series throughout and I will be updating at the very LEAST, twice a month. My goal is to have an update every week.

But it’s scary, you guys. Because original fiction is so much different from fanfiction. You have your characters to toy with, twist to your liking in fanfiction. Everything from backstory to character development is right there for you to handpick.

Original fiction? That’s all you. That’s your soul, your hard work, your characters that you personally designed out in the world.

I have so many of these characters just sitting around, waiting to be discovered. I’m 38 though…and I’ve veered away from doing the terrifying, uncomfortable thing and braving the wilderness to share my dream.

Army of Outlaws is forcing me to take that leap and really start working towards my dream. It’s a step in the right direction that I need to take because really…I’ve been scared to do it for too long. I had a tarot reading where my spirits told me I was the only thing getting in my own way of achieving my dream. That was over eleven years. ELEVEN YEARS! I had a total stranger tell me I was sabotaging myself and I STILL haven’t done anything to fix that.
Today…I’m changing that. I’m taking that leap, guys!

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Interested in braving that wilderness with me? Check it out Army of Outlaws. Hop onto Patreon for a sneak peek at the first chapter!

Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=716833

Army of Outlaws:
Nikki Baxter is a young woman just trying to do what she can to survive after having aged out of the foster system. Her short college career lands her a job as a Paraprofessional at a local Detention Center where she meets kids from all walks of life dealing with their own haunted pasts and bad decisions. She tells them time and time again that what they did to get there doesn’t have to define who they get to be when they get out.
But as the end of the world comes crashing down around her and the dead start preying on the living, she backpedals like mad, relying on the combined survival skills of herself and the students, their determination and their combined checkered pasts to get her and her detention kiddos out of the apocalypse alive.

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