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You Better Work

Some days, I wish I could be as logical as my children. It’s either this way, or it’s this way. There’s no excuse to not be doing what you want to do in their wide-eyed, innocent view of the world they know very little about.

Today was certainly one of those days. I stood in my kitchen, piecing together what could pass as a suitable meal and re-evaluating a few life choices. My oldest meandered in around this time, looked at me with her head tilted to the side and said, “Mom, I has a question” because she’s part Lolz Cat. I’ve grown quite accustomed to it so it doesn’t phase me. If she’s not a lolz cat, she’s a waffle. It changes day to day.

So here she is, has’ing her question. “What have you always wanted to do for a job?”

Easy-peasy. “I’ve always wanted to be a writer, babe. That’s been my dream for as long as I can remember.”

“You should just do that and get famous for it!!”

And off she skipped, laying her simple logic at my feet and leaving me to apply it to my daily life.

Easier said than done, Waffle. Or at least that’s how I respond to that in my head because my logic isn’t as refined and simplistic as hers. If only it were and I didn’t have to do that annoying thing referred to “adulting” all the time.

Realistically, what I’m doing is providing myself with one excuse after another not to achieve the dream. Or I’m convincing myself that I need to find a position with a magazine or newspaper to get my foot in the door, get my stories heard, etc. Or I’m binging Bones for “inspiration” when in all honesty, it’s just because I gravitate towards that need to not think.

Image may contain: 2 people, including Andrea Arntson, people sitting
When you should be writing your novel…but your looking for freelancing gigs instead while your kiddos are gaming.

The thing I always forget, the simple logic, is that I need to work for it if I want it. You want to be a writer? You want to achieve your dream? You need to show up, you need to work. You need to peel yourself away from lazy habits, take a shower, put on clothing that makes you feel like you need to be somewhere and you…need….to….work!!

All things of which I struggle with. Because why do what’s hard when you can do what’s easy, right?

Nope. You have to do what’s hard. You have to force the words, even if there just a couple hundred that you feel like you tore from some corner filled with your crappiest ideas in a back closet of your brain.

If you don’t work, if you don’t force yourself to be present in your dream, that dream is going to fade without you. That dream is nothing more than something you kept telling yourself you wanted more than anything but weren’t willing to be present in.

I love spitting hard truths at myself in my blog.

But really…you want to be a writer? Don’t let my hard truths go unheard. You have to show up, you have to treat that dream like a job to get it done and you have to hit it hard. Even if it scares the absolute shit out of you every single day that you spend working towards achieving your goal. Even if some days you’re like “Good LORD, I wish writing a story was like pregnancy where I didn’t have a choice but to woman up, meet a deadline and hit the finish line like a boss!”

For any male readers, sorry…that’s my go-to. Two difficult pregnancies with challenges to overcome and looming deadlines with life-altering results.

I hope you enjoyed the pep-talk. Now…get out there and work it!!

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