Friends in Good Places

It’s good to have friends in good places. Friends who don’t take you for face value and who call you on your shit because they know someone needs to and they do it in a way that’s actually helpful.

I had one such friend come stay with me for a week recently. Catey has been one of my best friends for going on close to sixteen years now. We met online through our mutual love of Fanfiction and Ninja Turtles. We’ve seen the best of each other, the worst of each other, had some of the most epic times and were even pregnant together at one time. She had just enough time to hightail it out of my hospital room before I went into labor with my second child.

Catey’s lived in Tennessee all her life. Because of my friendship with her and a few others, I’ve had to be very careful with how I talk to my daughters about meeting people online and becoming friends. They both know that Catey and I knew each other for over a year and that she was 18 when she made the decision to fly up to Minnesota for my wedding. They’ve both met her and call her Auntie. After her week here, I’ve lost track of how many times they’ve said “Hay guuurl!”

And because Catey and I have known each other for so long and been engrossed in the good and bad of each others lives, Catey calls me on my shit…all the time.

Image result for secret messy room meme

I had cleaned my house as much as I could manage before she got here but the dining room was a wreck. I’d been avoiding it because just looking at it made me hate life. And I unrealistically thought to myself, “We can just ignore the dining room all week.”

Ha…I love being delusional sometimes.

But Catey was having none of that. We picked her up Monday night and Tuesday morning, she was all over that like me on coffee. No judgement, no disappointed head shakes. Just a can-do attitude that was impossible to ignore. I joined in, Alexa kept us company and by the end of the day, my dining room was reclaimed and I’ve spent almost every night in it writing on some level since.

Image may contain: drink

Me and my lovely Sex on the Beach are making all the writing happen right now. It was another hot day and having a fruity drink just sounded way too good.

But if it weren’t for Catey, I don’t know if I would have found the motivation or worked up the courage to tackle the task on my own. I’m willing to bet she knew that, too.

We didn’t just clean, though we both

readily admit that we’ve spent hours on the phone cleaning while talking on more than one occasion. There were plenty of other fun times to be had that didn’t involve cleaning at all.

But having my dining room back because of that bestie that loves to help out…it’s been wonderful.

We’ve also been able to have family meals at the dining room table now which I’m relieved to get back, regardless of my 10 year old’s constant whining that she doesn’t like socializing….with me and her sister…

Her teenager is showing. Lord help us all.

And even better…I’m back to writing now that I have my space.

Apparently, if you clean it…she will write. Much love and respect to my Kitty, who gave me back my space to create!

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