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Hello there 2018…Peace Out Staycay.

So, I don’t think I’m cut out for this vacationing thing. Last year, my husband and I planned a romantic getaway to Duluth for a four day, just us and fishing on lake Superior. We ended up having to cancel because finances got too thin and inability to take time off of work for both of us.

This year, I took a staycation thinking I’d play it safe and just enjoy a week and a half off. Most…hectic…staycation…ever. Christmas was hectic simply because it’s the holiday and that’s just the way things go. I had two last minute gifts to throw together for the girls – a revamped desk for Sammy and a dollhouse I’d put together for Mady. I have a new appreciation for hot glue guns.

What wasn’t expected was for a horrible toothache to show up on Christmas Eve and make enjoying much of anything impossible. I was popping Tylenol and Ibuprofen left and right, slathering on the Orajel and starting to get slightly edgy about how much I had kicked back. Couldn’t do much about it Christmas Day for obvious reasons so I laid on the couch and kept ice on it, managing as much as I could through the pain. Finally, with the help of a post I’d thrown up on FaceBook and a good samaritan reaching out, I was able to schedule an appointment to get in and get my toothache taken care of.

The morning I snagged the appointment proved to be pure insanity. The windchill is dangerously low here – hitting near -35 to -40 and the temps have been hovering between -12 and -28. So, naturally, the pipes froze the night before the appointment. There was no running water for much of the day following, my husbands truck wouldn’t start and I felt so awful that I had to cancel not only the girls dentist appointments for cleanings, but had to cancel their sleep over with their cousin as well. Add to that the fact that our one bottle baby turned into two after I went out to do chores and found our sweet Buffy looking pretty lackluster. Her temp was 86.5 which, for a goat, is not good. Their normal body temperature is supposed to be around 102 to 103. So 86.5 was definitely something to be concerned about. I handed her off to Dustin who runs a good 100 on a cold day and he set to warming her up. She’s bounced back since, but her momma, who proved to be not such a great dam this year, rejected her so back in the house she went and her and Winter are now besties that will, no doubt, get very confused over whether they are dogs, cats or goats.

I left for my dentist appointment around 2:30 and ended up being there until 6pm. First ever root canal in the books. It wasn’t horrible but keeping my mouth open for nearly three hours wasn’t something I want to repeat any time soon.

On my way home, my mind was spinning with thoughts of what to do for supper that wouldn’t involve the need of running water, piecing together a last minute grocery list with paper plates right at the top and trying to figure out what we were going to do if we couldn’t get the water running.

My phone buzzed and I nearly screamed in joy at the text from my husband declaring we had running water.

Since then, the staycation has been relatively quiet. Lots of lounging in pajamas, staying out of the cold, continually working to keep the truck started and running and just being abnormally lazy for the most part. Binge watching Ladybug and Cat Noir, the Harry Potter movies and Friends. So past those first few days, it hasn’t been necessarily horrible, just not what I had planned necessarily.

We ended the year with the girls and I snuggled up on the couch, counting down the New Year with juice boxes and popcorn and closing the door firmly on 2017 with one resolution in place – to get my novel finished in 2018. Beyond’s all up in the air.

doing it
Page Two of my Bujo (Bullet Journal) dedicated to writing a novel.

I don’t know what 2018 will have in store and I don’t want to plan for it to have much of anything. That seems much more safe than making resolutions that will more than likely end up cast aside after attempting to stay true to them halfway through the month.
Nothing against resolutions. For several people, I’m sure they work wonderfully.

I’ve just come to expect life to change when you’re least expecting it and attempting to continue with resolutions takes a backseat to pushing through one more day as best you can. That, and sometimes it’s just easier to blank out ovey mindless television after a long, stressful day.

Notice my lack of ability to follow through on the December blogging challenge.

Coincidentally enough, after scrolling past a test to find out what my word for 2018 would be, I took a chance and found my word to be “change.”

Don’t read too much into it, right?

But then again…would it be so bad if I did? Guess we’ll figure it out as this year goes on.

Happy New Years readers. I hope it finds you healthy, happy and optimistic in 2018.

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