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Oh goodness, this challenge is a bit harder than I thought it would be.

Sometimes looking at the list of prompts and trying to think of something to write that is inspired by the word is just difficult. It starts feeling generic and that wasn’t supposed to be the intention of taking on this challenge.

The intention was to get back to blogging, to keep the creativity flowing and figure out ways to work around any blocks that would pop up. Yesterday, looking at the prompt “shopping” I didn’t feel it.

I’m not big on shopping. I do it but I don’t find it all that enjoyable unless I can pull off some great deal which doesn’t happen every time like I wish it would.

But this morning, the prompt applied. I had to drop my car off at the auto service center to get the brakes replaced and wasn’t able to get a ride to work until close to 10am. So, to kill time and get a good chunk of Christmas shopping done, I swung into KMart.

The deal they had going was impressive. Buy one, get one free throughout the store. Or buy one, get one half off. I walked out of there with the girls almost taken care of.

Shopping for them though…shopping for them was intriguing.

First there’s Mady. She’s about as girly girl as you get. Barbies are right up her alley.

Then there’s Sammy…the exact opposite. She wants nothing to do with Barbies and is more content writing her own journals, sketching pokemon characters and playing Minecraft.

It’s amazing to me that we’re raising two little girls who are polar opposites. They play together nice, for the most part. About how you’d expect a 5 and 9 year old who are sisters to play.

The difference between how they pay was blatantly thrown in my face about this time last year. My friend Tracey sent the girls her doubles of Monster High dolls along with a few play sets. Sammy was into it for as long as it took to set up and organize the play sets. With that done, she immediately lost interest and moved on to something that would better hold her attention.

Mady, however, can play with Barbies, make up scenarios and she’s perfectly happy for an hour doing that if no one interrupts her.

Our parenting style is “Winging It”. Always has been, for the most part. We alter our approach to each situation as we need to but yeah…for the most part, there’s no huge difference in how we’ve raised them.

They’re each their own little person.

And about the only time I’m irked by that is when there’s a buy one get one free sale and the freebie would be pointless because the other daughter wouldn’t like whatever it is.

But life can’t be too convenient.

If it was, it would be nothing but boring.

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