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The Weather Today

I feel like this could be a one sentence post.

It’s cold.

To elaborate…it is freakin’ cold.

It’s so cold that I didn’t bother asking my husband how his day was because I knew what the answer would be.


And tomorrow morning…even colder.

This time of year is always far more gorgeous when enjoyed from the indoors. Preferably in sweatpants and an oversized hooded sweatshirt. With the weather that moved in yesterday, we saw snow again which is something I enjoy seeing between December 1st and December 26th. After that…not so much.

But because I grew up in North Dakota, I grew up always having a white Christmas. If there was one year where we didn’t, I can’t remember it. I have a difficult time imagining what it would be like to celebrate Christmas somewhere that it doesn’t snow. There’s just something about Christmas lights against a white white sparkling background that I adore.

But this cold? Not a fan in the slightest.

It gets bitterly cold here and living in a trailer certainly makes things…interesting. Frozen pipes are less of a dread and more of an expectation. The kitchen is avoided at all costs because the linoleum is so chilly that you’d immediately regret walking in there without slippers.

I think the only one’s who appreciate the cold in our house are the animals. They can snuggle in without any of us complaining too much about losing the space. Right now, Dukke is curled up next to me, his head pressed against my thigh and even that little bit is a warmth I wouldn’t turn down.

To really emphasize the impact of the temperature here, it is currently 14 degrees with a windchill that’s making it feel like -3. It can get far worse. North Dakota and Minnesota are well known for their brutal winters. I’m sure that a lot of people question the sanity of those who choose to live her when they could go somewhere else.

But you get used to it and although you complain, you yank on several layers of outside gear, rock a pair of thick, unflattering gloves and brave the cold to start your car in the morning or you’ll get an ear full from a five year old who really doesn’t appreciate her back being cold.

And when you’re freezing your behind off…a lecture from a five year old on how you forgot to start the car and give it time to warm up is the last thing you need.

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