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Change: It’s a Good Thing…Right?

Several people do not like change. Several people don’t do well with change, even if it’s gradual or they know it’s coming. I don’t know if I’m one of those people or not. I posted a while back about adapting and how I loathed it entirely. But adapting and change are two different things. Change is something that happens that you may have little to no control over, therefore, it would require adapting. If you don’t adapt to change, if you refuse to acknowledge that it’s happening and stand right where you are, proudly snubbing the thing that is forcing you to bend in another direction…you’re not going to get very far. You may prove your point but rarely will your point actually do you any favors.
I’ve seen people stick to their guns. I’ve stuck to them myself but in the end…change always wins. You may have a victory but it will be short lived and you will face a time in your life that will not accommodate your willfulness. It may sound harsh, but it is the truth. Example…smart phones. You refuse to get one. You know your little flip phone with its “press this button so many times to get the right letter in the series of words you want to text” has never done you wrong and is a perfectly acceptable choice since all you really want to use it for is making phone calls. You don’t need one of those new fancy contraptions with all the aps and bells and whistles. You make your stand. Your phone doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg to have. And you’re damn proud of this.
Until the day they stop offering support for those phones, or have the capability to fix them. Technology has come far while you’ve been standing still, proudly declaring your devotion to your simple device. It has changed and your device has now become obsolete. And the chances of getting a device like your trusty flip phone that’s in good working condition? They’re not good.
That was a really deep way to start off a post that’s just about my life in general and the changes we’ve been facing. They’ve been difficult, but not as difficult as they would have been several years ago when we were contemplating the same thing.
With money so tight that there is literally no end in sight to the debt we’re facing, we made the decision to rent out our house and move out to the trailer house my husband grew up in. It’s an old one, that’s for sure. It took some work to get everything to the point that it was livable. Floors had to be replaced, carpet had to be pulled up and replaced, water fixtures had to be replaced….there was a lot of replacing. And then the packing…dear GOD the packing. I hate moving, even if we did have the luxury of doing it over the course of a month and a half, it’s still a complete pain.
It was difficult – uprooting our family, knowing we’d gotten to the point that we could no longer survive in the house we had with insurance going up, jobs being changed, and having to make a house payment that would clear out my paycheck the second it hit the bank. And several years ago I resisted the mere idea of doing this. I’m not sure what changed. Maybe I did. Maybe life wore me down enough to realize that things needed to change and I needed to stop refusing those changes.
We gained 300 square feet with this new house, a dining room which we have not had since the second apartment we lived in together. We gained acreage! This gives me the ability to refer to our new home as a farmstead, not a trailer house. Sneaky, right?

We gained the ability to have livestock, to start a garden, to enjoy our new neighbors who we knew prior to moving out. And it made my husband’s parents very happy as we’re living next to them now. Dustin is able to help with the chores; the girls can run over there any time they want to visit. What grandparent wouldn’t like that?
We were also able to host our first holiday which I feel went over really well. Both sides of the family came over, we had ham with all the fixings, including raisin sauce and we all were able to watch the girls tear into their Christmas haul with bright-eyed abandon. I couldn’t have asked for a better time.
The change was not easy. It’s still happening. And even though I made my stand against it years ago…yeah, look at that…change happened and I had to adapt. Change won. But if you really look at it…if you take a look at all of those upsides – no more house payments, room for my girls to run and play, grandparents right next door, and some pretty amazing neighbors that drop in to visit from time to time and the ability to have the room to have company over, fires outside when the weathers nice, chickens for eggs, a garden to work on with my children, open access to sledding hills…it kind of looks like I won too. Besides…who wouldn’t love this view?


1 thought on “Change: It’s a Good Thing…Right?”

  1. Honey- YOU are the one who wins. I’m so happy for you, so glad you’re finally getting to live out in the boonies (lol) where you guys can begin working toward what you really want. You know what’s important and you’re not afraid to work hard to get it. That’s always going to make you a winner.
    Love you (hugs)

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